Instant loan for self-employed with online legitimacy

As favorable as the conditions may be for online financing – in order to confirm one’s own identity, the postident procedure had to be used so far. For legal reasons, there is no way around this identity check. An instant loan for the self-employed

However, this method can be ruled out because, of course, you first have to go to a post office. More information about the Postident procedure can be found in our Factsheet here.

Instant loan for the self-employed: Online legitimation via Skype


Although almost all loan modalities can be resolved online, the actual payment of the money will be delayed by the Postident procedure. For this reason, some banks already offer online legitimacy. Technical solutions are offered for example by the WebID Solutions GmbH; the prospect only requires a Skype account and a webcam. A webcam should be available in any case, because instead of a PC or laptop, a tablet or smartphone can be used. The online legitimation is then done by a specially trained employee of WebID Solutions GmbH: Via Skype, the identity card must be legibly presented. Accordingly, the camera must have a fairly high quality, in addition, the lighting conditions must not be too unfavorable. If these requirements are met, the employee compares the data of the ID cards with the information provided on the instant loan for freelancers. If the data could be confirmed, the borrower only has to overcome a small hurdle: By SMS or mail, a TAN is transmitted in a TAN, which he only has to verify.

Online Loan: After registration ID card scan is sufficient for legitimacy

Another way to complete the instant loan for self-employed completely online, provides the online legitimacy of the Online Loan: After a one-time control of the data after a registration with the company, it is possible to send the banks only a scan of the identity documents – what perfect can be done comfortably via mail.

Easily legitimize and use favorable loan comparison

Thus, a loan for self-employed lives up to its name: Whether the loan is needed for rescheduling or for a new project – usually the time is short. The self-employed can now save a lot from this time because they can do without the Postident procedure. Thus, an instant loan for self-employed can also be requested outside the business hours of the post offices. Prerequisite for the instant loan for self-employment is of course a favorable offer: The credit comparison of Best Lending determined quickly, easily and without obligation cheap loans for every purpose. More about this topic can be found on our page Loan for self-employed.