In a first, the Kashmir-based Urdu daily introduced QR coding in print media


SRINAGAR: JULY 17, 2022: In a bid to address the challenges faced by the print media due to the massive influence of digital media among the masses at large, an Urdu daily based in the Kashmir Valley”Srinagar Jang” came up with an innovative design by publishing a QR code with the associated story, which allows readers to watch videos, elaborate stories via the print edition.

The technology of printing QR codes with particular news in print editions will allow readers to arouse curiosity, excitement and anticipation. Also, it will address the need to bridge the gap under threat from print media with digital media. It will also encourage people to easily access online media through mobile phones or gadgets while going through Print Edition.

An excerpt from the front page of the July 17, 2022 edition of the Daily Srinagar Jang reflecting the QR code in the stories.

Daily Srinagar Jang’s innovative idea of ​​QR coding in print media will surely attract readers to print media, which is otherwise under threat due to the rapid development of the internet.

Speaking to this journalist, printer, publisher and editor of Daily Srinagar Jang, Bilal Bashir Bhat said that the massive appearance of news portals or social media has caused newspapers to be eclipsed with each passing day, and as such, there is an urgent need for the print industry to fight back to win the limelight.

Bilal Bashir Bhat hoped that other newspapers, while taking inspiration from him, would surely adapt this latest trend of QR Coding in order to meet the challenges that have emerged due to the gigantic use of news portals, smartphones and other gadgets. He added that we need to find ways to simplify this experience for customers and readers and give them as much value as possible.


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