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Celebrity search engine is back this week with a brand new episode. This week, Abbie is joined by the British singer, star of 2020 Strictly and TikTok-er HRVY. He talks with Abbie about his new music and upcoming tour, his time on Strictly Come Dancing, his love life and notoriety and much more!

HRVY will be interviewed by host Abbie McCarthy, with a selection of questions based on the most popular, most frequently searched, weirdest and most wonderful research on the internet, about himself!

The greatest moments of HRVY

“Well I have a plate there, and that was when I hit 500,000,000 combined flow, so that was a few years ago and when it was handed to me I was like, oh that’s crazy how it’s actually not bad, 500,000.00 is good enough.

Who is HRVY?

“HRVY is a 22 year old man, not a boy, I am a man now, I look like a boy, I am a man, who likes to sing, who would like to do a little dancing, who would like to play one day and has no vowels in his name because he thought that would be a really cool thing to do. And also help the search engines because you know there is a lot of HARVE-Y but as soon as you put the HR in your boy comes in so it was a smart move but also now everyone is giving it to me. ask, especially the elderly, why the hell I don’t have vowels in my name. So I have to explain to them that I have vowels in my name, on my birth certificate, but that’s just because I thought I was a cool artist.

HRVY on his love life and who he is dating

“Do you know what, I went on a date the other day, I haven’t been out for a while, I had an affair months and months ago with someone, she was a YouTuber. She was a great, lovable, lovable girl and then I kind of focused on releasing all this music for the last couple of months, and then recently I met someone on the red carpet, at the NTA actually, she was standing in front of me and I was like wow, she’s very, very beautiful! And then yeah, I ended up getting her number, and we had a few dates.

“While I was on Strictly Come Dancing, Giovanni, who’s the greatest ladies’ man of all time, that’s right, he’s Italian, he has that. We were talking to someone, and the girl said, oh I really wanna get a tattoo. And he said “no, no, no, no, why would you put a sticker on a Ferrari?” And I was like you know what, it’s such a good cue, and I heard it and I took it aside and I said buddy, I’m gonna use it someday, I’m gonna steal. And we were at the NTAs, and this lovely girl said, said, talking about tattoos, and she went, “ah, I’d love to get a tattoo,” and there was another boy too, and he was too cool and cheeky chappy and I feel like he was trying too. And I walked out with that line, and I said, I was like ah, baby you wouldn’t put stickers on a Ferrari, would you? Mate and that was it.

Advice HRVY has received from other singers

“Shawn Mendes gave me advice, you know what he told me, he told me at the end of the day, after all if music is something you don’t like and music is music isn’t good so it doesn’t matter which is, I realized so true. You can promote and do TikTok and you can break the life of a song, but if the people don’t like the song so they won’t listen to it no matter how many followers you have and i think thats what i realized too its so true the music has to be good , the song must be a good song, because that’s what people listen to and buy at the end of the day, and if you don’t like it how can you expect someone to ‘other likes it, you know, so this advice I took with me.

HRVY on being discovered and what it’s like to be noticed and more popular.

“I remember when I was in class and my video was over 990 likes, not thousands, 990 and it was about to hit 1000 likes this video, and everyone in my class was like oh my god and everyone was refreshing their page and it hit 1000 likes, and everyone was like wooaahh! and from there I can’t even remember, it just started to come and go and from there and then I would wake up every morning with a few thousand more on different things and yes it went from there.

HRVY on Strictly Come Dancing, Friends He Made and Records

“Best show ever, very tough, so tough, it was so exciting to be a part of the show, where at the time there was nothing else on TV, we were one of the only live shows that actually went on and continued, a lot of the TV was moved or canceled, while we were on air, so it was a privilege to do that. The odds were the highest, for a long time. Glad I got to be a part of this show, and met some amazing people, made some really great friends, especially Maisie and Jamie, Jeanette my partner, all so close, Clara, all of these guy, that was a really, really good time.

“I’m glad it’s over now because it was so hard and tiring, I wanted to hang up my prom shoes and get back to my music, but yeah, it was good.”

His nomination for the Celebrity Search Engine podcast

“Maisie would be nice, Maisie Smith, I’ll tell you why because she’s been doing EastEnders for, I don’t know how long, and I think she has tea on the cast members, well I know ‘she does it because she tells me, and she’s very direct and honest, so I think if you ask her stuff, she’ll just say it with her chest.

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