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TAUCHA, Germany, May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the era of digital data processing, in addition to great benefits, there are also certain dangers and risks, such as the possibility of easy data modification and rapid electronic transport. If these properties are used for unnoticed manipulation, considerable damage can occur. This concerns not only the manipulation of the content, which is fatal in the case of contracts or invoices, but also the origin of the data which can be falsified. This in turn opens the door to a wide range of activities by cybercriminals.

And finally, data sent in the clear in emails, for example, is easy prey for attackers to steal the information it contains. Companies still need to be aware of this risk, because not everyone has yet internalized that an unprotected email is actually a postcard – sensitive data has no place there.

In general, the use of cryptography in the form of electronic certificates with corresponding key material provides sufficient protection. This can be used, for example, to encrypt an e-mail and to clearly identify the sender via a signature. The electronic signature is also the best way to prove the authenticity and origin of digital documents. This works even better than in the analog paper world, because here recognizing a signature is a subjective decision. By contrast, with a qualified electronic signature on a document, the signer or author can be determined beyond doubt.

Today, modern cloud solutions are available for this. Thus, for the electronic signature with our solution, only an Internet-compatible terminal with a standard browser is necessary, nothing more. The data remains entirely on the device and can be encrypted for personal use or for sending emails.

However, procilon, as a full-service provider, offers not only modern cloud solutions, but also middleware and client applications for the German market. Our industry solutions simplify legal and self-imposed guidelines. Key areas can be found in a wide range of secure communication scenarios within the public sector, in the energy industry’s encrypted market communication and in electronic legal communication.

In addition, we offer technical solutions for trust services, also with regard to secure digital identities. Users can create and manage secure digital identities, establish reliable communication, and protect the integrity of long-term stored data. Thus, the proNEXT technology meets national and international standards.

For example, the proNEXT Security Manager provides centralized identity management for all access, for example to portals, specialized applications, messaging systems, ERP software, banking systems and enterprise-wide resources and repositories. enterprise, thus facilitating the management of the many identifications and authentication tools linked to users. The proNEXT Security Manager facilitates access control thanks to the integrated authorization management.

In addition, the wide range of services includes the generation of certificates, the creation and validation of signatures up to the reliable preservation of electronically signed data.

We are happy to help you with the implementation of European regulations. Please feel free to contact us.

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The companies of the procilon group have specialized in the development of cryptology software and strategic advice on European compliance directives and data protection for more than 20 years.

Today, more than 1500 companies, organizations and authorities have taken preventive technical and organizational measures to protect their data with the support of procilon.

As one of the leading full-service providers of self-developed public key infrastructure solutions, our product line includes everything from simple document encryption as a service, to eIDAS-compliant signature applications, and through the secure management of access and identities and qualified digital solutions. identities with trust service providers. Secure cloud services complete our portfolio.

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