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What is SEO and what services does it include

Statistics show that almost 93% of all web traffic comes from search engines. If you want your potential customers to find potential customers, you need to be indexed on major search engines and ranked well. In this case, SEO specialists come to play.

SEO – search engine optimization – services are services intended to increase visibility and organic search traffic to a website. These are provided by SEO agencies or independent specialists. What services do they provide? Here are the basic services included in the SEO “package”:

  • Analysis of the structure and content of the website;
  • Off-page online analysis;
  • Optimization of the code and structure of the website;
  • Optimization of off-page factors;
  • Optimization of site content.

The importance of SEO for small businesses is hard to overstate. So let’s see what is the average SEO cost for a small business and how can business owners optimize their spending.

SEO pricing models for a small business

There are several SEO pricing models out there and choosing one of them sometimes seems overwhelming. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular SEO pricing models available.

Hourly SEO rates

A pricing model similar to the hourly development model. In this model, you have to pay for the total number of hours that an SEO manager spent on your website. It might sound expensive but great when you know exactly what you need from an SEO company.

Monthly deposit

A monthly retainer is the most popular SEO pricing model. In this case, you pay the SEO service provider a fixed rate every month. For example, Rexsoft offers 3 types of monthly payments SEO packages. Base $ 997 per month, grow $ 2,497 and scale up $ 4,997. This model tends to be more profitable and especially beneficial for small businesses and startups looking to grow their business online.

Project-based SEO

In a project-based SEO pricing model, a client pays for a complete SEO project. It allows companies to achieve their SEO goal without signing multiple contracts. This model is advantageous; in terms of flexibility, costs and deadlines.

Fixed SEO

The fixed-base SEO model involves a client signing a personalized contract with an SEO service provider. Customers pay only for the range of services they need for their business. This is a great template for those who know the specific tools they need to optimize website optimization.

Top Factors Affecting the Cost of SEO for a Small Business

We’re sure it’s always made you wonder how the math is done around SEO. In fact, the final cost of SEO for a small business depends on many factors. Let’s review 3 main ones.


One of the game changers. If you are considering a US based business, you should be prepared for larger expenses than if you are considering outsourcing to India or Eastern Europe. Why? Because resources are more expensive, the standard of living is higher and so are the profit margins.


This aspect certainly makes a huge difference in the final cost. Prices vary depending on how much content you want to receive as part of the same package. Before contracting with an SEO provider, it is crucial to review not only the activities offered but also their quantity. This will help you avoid confusion and potential misunderstandings.

The type of SEO provider

Whether you hire a freelance SEO manager or deal with an SEO agency affects the price either. Who is the best to hire is a conflicting subject. On the one hand, the services of freelancers cost less. On the other hand, the agency can guarantee the quality, prompt delivery and credibility.

The best tips to reduce the cost of SEO

Lucky or not for small businesses, but the end price or SEO services can be reduced or increased. It’s no mystery that very few small business owners are looking for ways to increase the end cost. Therefore, we are ready to provide you with valuable advice on how to fit SEO cost within your budget.


Outsourcing is by far the best method to save money without compromising on quality. US-based SEO executives will charge 5 times more than Indian or Eastern European executives. The reasons are already clear. We offer to subcontract in Ukraine to boost your SEO for an adequate cost.

Write your own content

No one knows your product better than you. Think about it, who is better positioned to write about your business than the people involved in the workflow every day. Do not mistake yourself. SEO agency employees and freelance SEO executives are great at writing useful and effective content for your website. Nonetheless, when it comes to reducing the cost of SEO, writing content on your own can save huge amounts of money.


Before you optimize your website, you need to fully audit it. An SEO audit can give you a basic understanding of where you stand and what needs to be fixed. Very often, an audition represents 50% of the work to be done.

Hire Rexsoft SEO Specialists

Look no further if you are looking for local SEO services to take your business to the next level. Whatever your budget, Rexsoft specialists focus on improving visibility in organic search engine results. The Gems of Business implement both the technical and creative components needed to increase traffic and increase your website awareness in search engines.

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