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GhanaWeb TV offers a variety of interesting programs

GhanaWeb TV offers a range of captivating programs which are broadcast Monday through Friday throughout the week.

With its multitude of presenters, these programs are often broadcast live from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The programs are typically hosted on the homepage as well as on YouTube and Facebook where anyone can follow the coverage on the go.

The TV channel offers a variety of more than ten programs ranging from news, business, sports, human interests and entertainment.

Programs include People & Places, Sports Check, Trending GH, #SayItLoud, The Untold, Bloggers’ Forum, Talkertainment, Moans & Cuddles, Friday Debate, Regional Report, BizTech and The Lowdown, among others.

These programs are carefully selected to entertain viewers, keep them informed, and provide education on relevant topics and topics.

About GhanaWeb

GhanaWeb TV is an advertising based video on demand (AVOD) and TV streaming on Ghana’s most popular website, delivering video content such as news and programming to millions of people on the internet.

GhanaWeb TV began broadcasting its interactive programs and captivating news videos on December 7, 2020, with its coverage of the 2020 general election in Ghana. In 3 days, he collected 21.9 million views on GhanaWeb and over 500,000 views on GhanaWeb’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

GhanaWeb TV delivers innovative, relevant, authentic and compelling content around the clock on GhanaWeb’s digital channels that can be watched on any device, anytime, anywhere.

About GhanaWeb

GhanaWeb is Ghana’s first vertical portal, the content curation and syndication website relaunched in 1999 to provide news, general information, classifieds, radio stations and a social network for Ghanaians and the Diaspora.

The private, independent and objective portal is governed by the laws of the Netherlands, a legal framework that has allowed Ghanaians to express themselves freely for more than two decades through opinion pieces and commentary.

Designed for and by Ghanaians, GhanaWeb is maintained by a team of editors and journalists who provide balanced news coverage by creating original content, posting syndicated and user-generated content and hosting articles from a wide range of Ghanaian print and online partners.

GhanaWeb has evolved over the years to include video content and social media components in its news feed as well as a mobile app for smooth web browsing. Its team of web developers and web designers regularly improves the technology and design of the portal which has been designed to meet the demands of its 4 million unique visitors each month.

According to traffic statistics from the Alexa site, GhanaWeb is very popular among Ghanaian migrants in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands, France and the rest of the world. many other countries.

These loyal visitors and the millions of readers in Ghana have made GhanaWeb the most popular news website in Ghana and the third most visited website in the country after Google and YouTube.

GhanaWeb is part of the AfricaWeb Holding group, a provider of advertising and digital solutions for African publishers.

AfricaWeb also owns,, among other country specific portals as part of its goal of developing viable independent news portals as well as advertising and publishing solutions for the Africa.


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