Fawad welcomes the cautious media strategy of the PTI government


Information and Broadcasting Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Friday that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan led the figures who obtained the most media hours due to reforms introduced by the ministry to raise the challenges of the digital age for effective projection of state narrative.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is on the cover of News Week today [An American weekly magazine]. Two days ago, his interview on RT [Russian TV] has been broadcast in over 100 countries and communicated in seven languages, ”he said at the inauguration ceremony of the digital media internship program.

“This is all due to the cautious strategy of the PTI government which has realized that the real war today is the war of narrative,” he added.

The minister said that the reform process, which was led by the current government within the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, was launched in 2018 and produced the desired results.

He said the Digital Media Wing (DMW) was formed in 2020 at the ministry, which completely transformed the narrative of the state. Young people like Dr Arslan, who is also the focal person of the digital media premier, have been inducted into the proven DMW, he added.

He said the ministry digitized the Associated Press of Pakistan and turned PTV into HD TV, while Radio Pakistan’s app was among the best apps on the internet and produced remarkable results in the app’s storytelling. ‘State.

Prior to the Pakistani government of Tehreek-e-Insaf, the minister said he realized that there was a big difference between the media wing of the party and that of the state. The PTI media outperformed the latter, he added.

During past regimes, he said the state media acted as the spokesperson for the ruling party, instead of representing the state narrative.

Recalling the grim state of human resources during his visit to PID Karachi, the Minister said that out of a total of 62 employees, only one person had a master’s degree while three with a bachelor’s degree and the rest were enrolled.

Fawad said he then asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to transform the state media on the model of the media wing of the PTI, which the prime minister graciously accepted.

Hailing the prime minister’s sagacity and insight, Fawad said he foresaw the future to belong only to digital media. The Prime Minister, a true representative of youth, had become aware of the power of popular opinion.

Before the PTI came to power, the minister said that the performance of state media departments was not up to par despite large budget allocations.

The main reason was that the former rulers failed to realize the importance of public diplomacy as they preferred only to develop personal relationships at the state level, just to launder money, he noted.

He said that since India forced a Hybrid War on Pakistan, there was therefore a need for the induction of skilled human resources into state media departments.

He said the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting plans to provide in-depth digital media training to some 5,000 people in collaboration with 42 journalist institutes to help raise awareness of digital media at the state level. . Fawad said some 28,000 applications had been received for two seats in PTV, while the count of candidates for multiple seats in APP was underway.

He said there were some 42 journalism education institutes in the country. Unfortunately, the courses offered at these establishments have not yet been updated. The government planned to modify the courses of these institutions to meet the needs of modern times.

He said that even the official agents in his ministry did not have much knowledge of digital media. However, the ministry had already started training its digital media information officers.

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