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There is no doubt that many business owners are aware of the benefits of technology as a catalyst for their business. We’ve seen companies explore ways to digitize, whether that’s building an e-commerce website, implementing interactive customer relationship management (CRM) systems, improving marketing reach through digital channels like as paid ads on search engines or social media.

While business owners are aware of the benefits, they see the digital switchover as just a good thing to have, and only a few have really invested the time and effort to embrace it long enough to embrace it. reap the benefits. It’s not uncommon to hear anecdotes of suggestions to improve business operations with technology running into rebuttals to maintain the status quo or put the project on hold when other things kick in.

It will likely take a century (or more) for business owners to truly digitize, but the rise of COVID-19 has accelerated the whole process and forced more small and medium-sized businesses that operate to make the digital leap because of their survival. now depends on it. .

As more businesses have jumped on the digital ad space train, they have seen increased competition vying for a limited pool of consumers via limited ad space, which has reduced their returns on their marketing expenses. The hard truth is that pursuing a siled digital marketing strategy is not the way forward for SMBs that want to keep growing their business.

Today’s digital business landscape demands a few key skills from local businesses looking to succeed. Owners need to be keenly aware of their digital marketing strategies, know how to build online communities, create compelling content, understand how to run effective ad campaigns, convert leads, and use data to improve overall performance.

Digital ad serving these days has become pretty self-explanatory with the online help available on ad platforms, but it takes more than just following instructions to get more traction with the same ad spend.

What about building assets that align with the business target audience for better ROI? What about understanding the available data to gain insight for better business decisions? There is no self-help on this.

Rather than putting all their eggs in the virtual basket, SMEs must also resort to offline and traditional marketing (unpopular opinion) while venturing into the digital space.

Digital marketing must be used to increase brand awareness and acquire new customers, and businesses must simultaneously strive to improve the shopping experience and retention rates of existing customers by unifying all aspects of the company with the CRM.

The constant flow of new and loyal customers provides businesses with more key performance data for real-time actionable insights that enable better business decisions. After all, why pump the whole budget just to get the customer to make the first purchase?

For years, FirstCom Solutions has strived to help SMEs start their digital journey, transform their operations, run digital campaigns on their behalf, and share the skills and expertise necessary for them to succeed. ‘to come up.

From January 2020 to date, we’ve helped over 750 SMEs run over 1,000 digital campaigns, while growing our team. Today, we have over 200 full-time local members, ranging from certified Google and Facebook marketers to creatives such as copywriters and designers, professional content producers and, not to mention, a passionate management team.

While many businesses struggle or hesitate to launch their first digital campaign, the competition quickly leaves them behind. In today’s landscape, digital marketing needs to be integrated with an overall marketing strategy, integrating digital advertising, traditional advertising, and an automated CRM system to track operations.

Businesses need to have a robust CRM to see their customers’ recency and frequency to enable them to run more comprehensive omnichannel campaigns, using digital channels like SMM and EDM, as well as traditional marketing tools like as SMS marketing and out-of-home marketing. This is the way forward for local businesses to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Data is essential for connecting with new customers and building lasting relationships with existing customers. We encourage business owners to start now – start digitizing your operations, start marketing online and offline, and get your own CRM so everything you do can be measured and calculated to determine your true cost and customer acquisition value.

How much does it cost your business to get a new customer to spend again? What types of reward systems do you see the best results with? How much do your customers spend on average? Does spending 30% of your income on a specific sales channel get you the ROI you want?

A business leader must be able to answer these questions in order to improvise. Knowing your customer value and your acquisition cost can dramatically change the way you invest in digital and traditional marketing.

This data is the fuel that will guide your business decisions and your growth. And if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to assess and manage your business at that level, you may be headed for a business crisis.

Today’s businesses operate in fragments. With parts and coins online and offline, is it any wonder that business owners struggle to grasp and understand the big picture?

This is where FirstCom Solutions comes in. We strive to help our local businesses overcome the immediate challenges of digital marketing and help them plan for continuity and sustainable long-term business growth.

Having supported more than 5,500 SMEs in various aspects of digital transformation, we know the challenges facing SMEs better than anyone. Just give us a call to set up a consultation on how to approach your challenges – you’ll be surprised the answers are easier than expected.

The author is Jim Giam, founder of FirstCom Solutions.

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