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Former Philippine National Police Chief and Senate candidate Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar has urged Filipino youth to stand their ground in the fight for truth and the responsible use of social media amid the proliferation of fake news and misinformation, especially in social media.

He was responding to a call from the Philippine Conference of Catholic Bishops (CBCP) and other groups on the need for everyone to be discerning about what information they find on social media, and the need to be responsible in using these platforms to prevent the proliferation of misinformation online.

Former PNP leader and senatorial candidate, General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar

“Obviously misinformation and misinformation in cyberspace targets young people because they are the most active, yet vulnerable, on social media,” Eleazar said.

“So my advice to young Filipinos is that they shouldn’t let trolls and misguided social media influencers scare you and above all, don’t let them insult your intelligence,” he added.

Eleazar, who led the PNP’s Anti-Cybercrime Group (ACG), said that compared to the past, the younger generation has all the means to access the right information on social media through search engines that could lead them to credible sources of information.

It empowers today’s young people to exercise their power to be more informed and aware of social issues, and ultimately shape their opinions and challenge their minds to think about ways to better their role in building the nation, according to Eleazar.

Eleazar stressed the need for young people to stand up for the truth, explaining that allowing fake news peddlers and keyboard warriors of disinformation to dominate social media would lead to a brainwashed society and the interests of the few. who want to control the power of the government and the economy of the country.

“Kung noon a nakipaglaban ang napakaraming kabataang Pilpino, kabilang ating bayaning si Gregorio del Pilar, para sa kalayaan nging bansa, muling kinakailangan ng ating bansa ang mga na maninindigan para sa katotohanan and mga kabataang makikipaglaban para sa tama” There was a lot of young Filipinos in the past, including Gregorio del Pilar, who fought for the country’s freedom. Our country needs the youth again to stand up for the truth and fight for what is right),” Eleazar said.

“In the cyberworld full of trolls and misguided influencers, be the young Katipuneros of today who would stand up and fight for what is right,” he added.

Eleazar also pledged to push for accountability from social media giants on what they allow to be posted on their respective platforms.

He said the power of information that comes with young people being tech-savvy can also be used to educate the older generation, including their parents and other family members, loved ones and even their friends. “friends”, “followers” or “followers” on social networks. subscribers” whenever they see misleading content.

He, however, stressed the need for proper guidance from home and other sectors of society, especially academia, to strengthen the moral foundation of youth that serves as a strong shield against online misinformation.

“With all the information you need already available in our gadget, today’s Filipino youth should be the brightest and most informed sector of our society. What is needed is proper guidance that should be provided in our home and in our schools,” Eleazar said.




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