Egypt wants to tax the stars of social networks


Egypt has announced that it wants to tax bloggers and other “youtubers”, jobs not regulated to date, which caused a stir this Sunday on the country’s social networks, very popular with citizens.

The tax department of the Ministry of Finance on Saturday asked in a statement that “bloggers and ‘youtubers'” declare their income if they were “at least 500,000 Egyptian pounds in 12 months”, or more than 32,000 dollars.

Before the announcement, Internet users were divided. “The poor who sell vegetables have to pay taxes, so we can tax the rich,” one user tweeted.

“In order to have quality microphones and cameras, ‘influencers’ have to make expensive purchases with customs and taxes, instead of helping them the state is crushing them,” another Twitter user said.

TV star Amr Adib, known for his pro-power stances, publicly opposed the authorities for the first time. “How many influencers are there? “” While the Minister of Finance knows full well that millions of people do not pay their taxes, [guardando] absolute silence ”.

For his part, a tax official told state television that the government was in contact with internet giants, citing Facebook and YouTube, in an attempt to identify producers of income-generating content.

Egypt, the most populous of the Arab countries, with 102 million inhabitants, has around 60 million Internet users, 49 million of whom are registered on social networks, according to the DataReportal site.

An important incubator both for brands that turn to “influencers” to promote their products and for the state, which has passed laws in recent years to block these portals considered a threat to national security, and for monitor the personal accounts they have. over 5,000 subscribers.

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