Effective branding to build your business for success and growth


Branding identifies you in the market and influences how people think and feel about your business, services, and products. Effective branding evokes lasting positive emotional responses in customers and target audiences. Brand management aligns your values, philosophy, strategy, operations and business practices to position and present your brand to the world. Your brand identity establishes a credible sentimental connection to your brand personality. This Markets Herald article highlights some ideas to help you clarify your brand identity and personality, build brand awareness, and differentiate your business for future success and growth.

DIY and professional brand personality tools

Your logo and website, along with your choice of color scheme, text, and graphics, shape your brand personality and help influence how customers respond to your brand. Many small businesses manage branding and brand management processes with free online digital marketing tools, such as logo generators, ad makers, and automated email programs.

Content marketing via social media posts and blogs is essential to keep your brand front and center with your customers and new audiences and to position yourself as an expert in your industry (click here to learn more about content marketing and what it involves). Involve all your employees, but especially your marketing and sales teams, in branding exercises to promote consistent and integrated actions and images in all aspects of your business.

Consider hiring professionals to perform competitor analysis to situate your brand in relation to your competitors and general market trends. Strong brand personality goes beyond general consumer imagery and sentiment to incorporate powerful emotional responses to perceptions of brand authenticity, sophistication, and excitement. Major rebranding and rebranding strategies adjust your brand personality to set you apart from the competition.

Boost your brand awareness

Customer surveys are a great way to find out how customers actually perceive your brand. A good way to identify a new target audience is to build brand awareness in new market segments. Go beyond traditional customer demographics, such as age and purchase history, to segment markets by geographic location and economic status. Adjust your marketing to respond to ever-changing market trends and changing consumer lifestyles. Brand positioning is fluid and dynamic, depending on market conditions, business environments and relevant competitive forces. Test new markets to determine growth potential using refined projections and predictive business data analytics.

Every small business owner should have basic marketing and brand management skills. To build your confidence and skills, consider an online business degree or short courses in branding, digital marketing, or business management. Many post-secondary options offer flexible, part-time online study options so you can work full time and take care of family obligations while continuing your education. Check that the schools and programs you are considering are independently accredited and offer competitive tuition rates before committing to furthering your education with them.

Score well and succeed in business

Good branding practice means paying close attention to aspects of brand identity, personality and market awareness. Strong brand positioning for future growth requires accurate market research, content marketing, and effective market segmentation efforts.


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