Doctor Strange 2 May Reveal Vision’s Location


Along with a new trailer for the Multiverse of Madness, new theories about how many familiar MCU faces Marvel fans can see in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home and WandaVision.

The internet went on fire last week with the release of the latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s psychedelic yet spiritual visual masterpiece following former neurosurgeon turned master of the mystical arts Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is the latest film entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and next feature. to be released from Marvel Studios following the massive worldwide success of Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Multiverse of Madness promises to be an even bigger Marvel Cinematic crossover than No coming home, featuring Stephen Strange once again, while pairing him with unlikely ally (and possible enemy) Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and introducing new Marvel Comics characters including America Chavez, an interdimensional being gifted with superhuman strength, speed, and ability to punch through star-shaped portals that lead to other realities. The new trailer features several scenes from previous teasers, albeit a bit more fleshed out, with some action footage and additional dialogue. With a massive reveal that had nerds all over their screens cheering (Professor Charles Xavier absoutely make an appearance), there was another snarky line of dialogue that piqued fans’ interest.

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The line in question comes from an exchange between Wanda and Strange, where Stephen asks the Scarlet Witch what she knows about the multiverse, to which she replies that Vision had his theories before he died. For some, this may be a throwaway line, but for die-hard Marvel fans, it’s an important piece of the puzzle worth dissecting. The fact that Wanda mentions that Vision knew about the multiverse implied that they had discussed it among themselves. Vision thought it was dangerous, for good reason, though in the end credits sequence Wanda VisionWanda is shown holding a seance using the Darkhold (the MCU’s Book of the Damned, first seen in the possession of Agatha Harkness), scanning the multiverse for realities where her children and husband are alive and well. .

The end of Wanda Vision pitted Wanda and Vision against each other in a different way: with the introduction of White Vision – Vision’s corpse reanimated by SWORD using some of Wanda’s magic. The confrontation of White Vision and the vision fabricated inside the hexagon of Wanda was one of the highlights of the season, the dialogue shared between the two visions on the sense of identity and the knowledge of his place in the world being one of the strongest stage works to come out of the MCU. After debating whether either of these ‘other’ Visions is the true Vision, the hex-Vision helps White Vision unlock the data hidden in his mind by SWORD, revealing memories previously unknown to him. It’s a lot to download and process for White Vision, and the last time audiences saw it, it flew straight from Westview without a trace.

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Vision and White Vision clash

It’s possible that with Wanda’s return to Multiverse of Madness, fans can get a behind-the-curtain glimpse of what White Vision has been up to since Westview. As Wanda conjured spells with the Darkhold in search of her children, was it also possible that White Vision was exploring the multiverse himself, trying to figure out his place within these vast new realities? It could create a moment in Doctor Strange 2 which is parallel to a similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Thor takes time off after being enchanted by Wanda, only to return with knowledge and understanding of the Infinity Stones. Perhaps we will see a similar scene in Multiverse of Madnesswhere White Vision shows up when things are darkest with a wild explanation of the Multiverse and how it works, as he had spent all this time trying to figure it out.

It would be a nice way to continue White Vision’s story by making him the kind of herald of the multiverse, and fans would no doubt love to see him and Wanda reunited again, working together to try and save a reality where they can. being together with their children while preventing their current reality from falling apart. The title of strange doctorThe sequel promises to be one of Marvel’s biggest films yet, and with director Sam Raimi at the helm, there’s no doubt that nothing and everything is about to change in the MCU.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in theaters May 6.

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