Disruptive MBA program aims to reform today’s failing learning model


Education experts Emily Kosko and Anousheh Shayestepour come together to create a learning platform designed to take the world of higher education by storm.

Los Angeles – September 22, 2022 – Meet VentureX MBA, a program teaching business conducted through dynamic videos and animations.

“What if learning about business could be as fun as checking your social media every day, to the point of becoming just as addictive? Okay, maybe that’s too far! Kosko laughs. “But what if learning became something you looked forward to every morning?”

VentureX MBA teaches the core MBA with a revamped curriculum. Older, inapplicable concepts have been replaced by today’s most innovative strategies.

“Traditionally, most MBA programs use Harvard Business Review case studies. They’re great, but often outdated and boring to read,” says Kosko. “Our case studies come in the form of short videos where you get nuggets of knowledge straight from the source as we interview the experts directly. It’s interesting to watch and the information really sticks.

The duo first met in 2015 while working in the business programs department at UCLA Extension, where they created custom business courses for international executives coming to the United States.

VentureX co-founders Emily Kosko and Anousheh Shayestepour. (From left to right)

“We’ve realized that many international executives come to California for this training because we’re at the forefront of business innovation, whether it’s entrepreneurship, digital marketing, or strategic thinking. It all starts here. Yet why isn’t there a program focused on that?Not just for foreigners, but also for young professionals here.

Through Kosko and Shayestehpour’s involvement in the creation of over 200 programs, they have become experts in curriculum development and have been responsible for creating some of the institution’s most profitable programs. “We used to take so many business courses that we started to learn what was relevant and what was not. And it has helped us develop materials directly based on today’s workforce needs.

Although aiming to disrupt it, the co-founders admit that the current higher education model has value. “We are not looking to completely replace the traditional MBA program as it can be a great tool to advance your career. But we seek to stir it up, awaken it to what it lacks and inspire change. Our long-term goal is to eventually partner with institutions to provide our programs as supplemental learning tools – resources that students can use to help understand complex topics,” says Kosko.

Shayestepour holds a Ph.D. in Education, EdD, from UCLA and Kosko holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson’s School of Management.

The first MBA course is set to launch in December, but pre-registration has already started. Will the program have an impact on higher education? We will have to wait and see.

Here is a short video about the project.

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