We are THE premier guerrilla marketing company across Australia and are looking to expand our team. With the death of television and the saturation of digital technology, the outdoors is becoming more and more essential for brands to connect with their people.

This is an entry-level position as a “business development manager”. So NO EXPERIENCE in sales or the media is required.

You will be:

  • Learn the inner workings of media selling
  • Familiarize yourself with the jargon and expectations
  • Learn the basics of selling and managing an account
  • Work with local and international brands
  • Become familiar with the “tools of the trade” such as presentation, effective use of a CRM and preparation of media proposals
  • Work with a wide range of advertising formats
  • Learn how to control customer artwork
  • Work alongside experienced account managers and executives
  • Have opportunities to advance your career internally and within the advertising industry
  • Be individually coached to build and refine your client portfolio and your skills

What to expect

  • Work alongside 6-8 people in the Tempe office
  • 2 paid weeks, part-time, intensive training theory
  • Then full time with 3 to 6 months of individual coaching, creating real clients
  • The first year is devoted to building your customer portfolio
  • Internal promotion possibilities after 6-12 months

Day by day

This is a customer-oriented role. Primarily in the office, which may include meetings perhaps once a week and occasional interstate travel. Daily activities would include contacting clients and prospects by phone and email; assess their needs; citing; guiding them through the process of creating works of art and formulating their campaigns.

What this role is NOT

  • A media strategy role (e.g. creating customer artwork, message, direction, goals)
  • A marketing role (e.g. coordinating website, social media, print, television)
  • A role of content on social networks

COVID-19 vaccination status

This role involves visiting clients and meeting colleagues in premises where documentation of COVID-19 vaccination or medical contraindication for COVID-19 vaccine is mandatory.

To apply – Required

Send your CV and write a cover letter that meets each of the criteria below:

  • WHY are you looking for a foot in the door?
  • How long have you worked continuously for a single employer, full time (or the equivalent, for example, studying + working together)
  • Outside of the family, who are the two people you admire and why?

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