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GODFREY — Two of Lewis and Clark Community College’s technology career programs offer flexible coursework to maximize student accessibility.

Program coordinator Louise Jett said her goal is to convert all classes in the associate degree programs in graphic design and web design and development to the college’s new Blendflex format, which allows students to attend classes virtually or in person, and back and forth throughout. the semester as needed.

“I convert a class every semester and follow a cohort of students until the entire curriculum is available in this format,” Jett said.

Owl cameras in classrooms allow students taking classes to virtually see and interact with the instructor and students in person via a live panoramic view. In-person students can view and interact with remote students via the owl’s microphone as the virtual classroom is projected onto a screen suspended at the front of the room.

Students are responding well to the new format, which LCCC introduced in the spring of 2021.

“As a mature student with a chronic illness, the Blendflex classes allowed me to not only succeed at L&C, but also to thrive,” said Lin Dean, a graphic design student. “The flexibility allowed me to take care of my health and learn at the same time, which is difficult to do in traditional learning contexts. I am now actively looking for courses in the Blendflex format.

“At any other institution, getting sick like I did last semester would have meant pulling out to save my GPA,” Dean said. “The Blendflex and Zoom options allowed me to finish the semester with a very high GPA, so I’m eternally grateful! Life is unpredictable and Blendflex is a great tool for the modern, disabled student.”

Graphics and web offerings currently available in Blendflex mode include:

• ART-161 Graphic Design I

• ART-162 Graphic Design II

• ART-262 Graphic Design III

• Adobe CGRD-144 Illustrator

• CGRD-243 Creative Marketing Portfolios

• CGRD-244 Advanced Illustrator

• CGRD-264 Computer Graphics Cooperative

• MKTG-240 Social Media Marketing

• Cooperative Web Designer WEB-260.

Jett is also working on Hyflex courses that add an online asynchronous option to the Blendflex format.

Students taking Hyflex courses do not need to attend classes at the scheduled times if they choose not to. Course materials, lectures, and projects are all posted to Blackboard’s virtual classroom, so students can complete the course at their own pace, as long as they meet deadlines and participate in the course on Blackboard. Unlike traditional online classes, they can still attend in person or virtually during scheduled class times as they wish.

“I look forward to creating a truly hybrid learning environment in these programs that includes this important online option,” Jett said. “Eventually, I would like to offer all my courses this way.”

This semester, three courses are available in Hyflex mode, encompassing in-person, virtual, and fully online options:

• Adobe CGRD-144 Illustrator

• ART-161 Graphic Design I

• MKTG-240 Social Media Marketing.

“I believe this flexibility will go a long way in supporting student success,” Jett said. “Through these flexible modes, students can choose to participate in whatever way suits them as they progress through the programs. We meet students where they are.

Learn more about the Graphic Design program at or the Web Design and Development program at . Prospective or current students can contact Jett by email at [email protected]

The 2022 spring semester begins on Tuesday, January 18. New this year, LCCC students can enroll in full-semester courses through Friday, January 21. Registration for summer courses will open on February 14, but students can apply online anytime at

To learn more about Blendflex courses available in other programs, ask general questions, or start the enrollment process, call/text the Enrollment Center at 618-468-2222.


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