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NEW YORK, January 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Codecademy, the leading e-learning platform for technical skills, named today Robin Zucker as the first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). After serving as the company’s interim marketing director for March 2021, Robin will expand his efforts to drive revenue and growth for the company, strengthen the Codecademy brand, and showcase the importance of technology skills in today’s workplace landscape.

It’s a pivotal time for Codecademy to hire a senior marketing manager, as the demand for technology skills has never been higher. Skills-based e-learning providers like Codecademy help people and organizations succeed in today’s fast-paced workforce, which is why the ten-year-old company is now choosing to greatly expand its marketing efforts.

“Our work and mission has never been more relevant than it is today, which makes this the perfect time to welcome Robin to the Codecademy team and grow our marketing function even further,” said Zach Sims, co-founder and CEO of Codecademy. “Robin has already had a huge impact on the organization – she has evolved marketing to be a key driver of growth and revenue, and achieved milestones like our first brand campaign. I look forward to see where Robin will take the Codecademy brand in his new role.”

“As our workforce evolves and technology skills become more critical for the future, there are countless opportunities to grow the Codecademy brand and tell our story in new and unique ways,” Zucker said. “My goal is for each person to imagine what coding can do for them – how it can help them achieve their career goals, succeed in the future, and build a better life for themselves.”

Just six months into his tenure as interim CMO, Zucker launched Codecademy’s first-ever brand campaign, “Live By Your Own Code.” The campaign was inspired by the Codecademy community and tapped into the current zeitgeist with the big quit and the big reimagine, showing how learning to code can be the path to the career and life you want. Following the success of this campaign, brand building will continue to be a major focus for Zucker and the Codecademy team in 2022.

Zucker is also expanding Codecademy’s content and editorial strategy with a focus on storytelling and community. She hired former journalists from Refinery29, CNBC and HuffPost to create content franchises and shine a light on the stories of learners from the Codecademy community. This team will cover topics not only related to coding, but also current and future trends in work and technology, to engage users outside of Codecademy’s coding courses.

With over 20 years of marketing experience, Zucker has spent his career working with some of the biggest brands in technology and media. At Yahoo!, she led B2B and social marketing strategies to grow the brand’s social reach more than 60 times and directly impact multi-million dollar revenue streams. At Playboy, she introduced the 50-year-old company’s new brand identity, increased its online presence through new digital media properties like mobile and social media, and helped to double income.

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