Clarkson’s Communications Degree Undergoes a Name Change


As current media trends continue to evolve, Clarkson University is transforming with them. That’s why Clarkson’s Bachelor of Communication will now evolve into a Bachelor of Communication, Media, and Design. The new name aligns with the careers pursued by Clarkson alumni in the field and with the University’s broader portfolio of faculty strengths.

Industries in almost every sector need an experienced workforce capable of creating, editing, translating, and delivering information across a variety of growing platforms. This makes the program and majors in communication, media, and design in high demand.

“Students with an interest in digital video, social media, graphic and interactive design, user experience design, and content creation across multiple mediums would do very well in this major,” said Darryl Scriven, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Clarkson graduates in this program pursue a wide variety of careers that span industries and disciplines, from web development and marketing firms to social media and film production studios.

In addition to the renaming of the degree, a new department head has been appointed. Professor Johndan Johnson-Eilola will take over as the current department chair, Professor Jason Schmitt, takes on a new role in the School of Arts and Sciences as Associate Dean of Strategic Development and Recruitment.

Professor Johnson-Eilola has been with Clarkson since 2000 and teaches courses in sound design, typography and information design. He has gained international recognition for his contributions to researching intersections between design practice and theory, and is considered an expert in understanding how people work in information-saturated spaces. Speaking about the dynamism of the Communication, Media and Design degree, Professor Johnson-Eilola said: “It is an exciting time to lead this group of outstanding faculty and students towards real market relevance and social impact. ”


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