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$ 3000 / $ 3600 IRS Child Tax Credit: Can Web Portal Help You Receive Extra Money?

IRS Child Tax Credit: Can the Web Portal Help You Receive Extra Money?

To help families manage their payments, the IRS launched the Child Tax Credit Update Portal. The IRS describes the portal as “a secure and password-protected tool, accessible to any eligible family with Internet access and a smartphone or computer. It is designed to allow them to manage their child tax credit accounts.

Other features will be added to the portal in the coming months, but currently, users can update their bank account information and opt out of payments to claim at a later date.

These features should help people with dependents get their payments fasterbecause direct deposit ensures that funds are available almost immediately. Without direct deposit information, the IRS will send a physical check which could take weeks to send and receive.

Soon the platform will allow families to check the status of their payments, and a Spanish version will be available.

Read our full coverage for more details about eligibility and when payments will be sent.

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