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For years, cannabis was primarily associated with hippies, Woodstock, and progressive college kids of the 70s – lighting up “hash” while rebelling against the government. The plant was passed on by word of mouth, sold and consumed secretly because the behavior could be punishable by a prison sentence. 50 years later, the cannabis industry has become one of the most lucrative markets in the world, with recreational, medical and even industrial applications. In addition to its current success, the industry is only expected to grow in the short and long term. As science begins to uncover more and more health benefits, the public and institutions are opening up to cannabis in ways never seen before.

Reading the domain, “”, there really is no doubt what the site is going to entail. That’s why Curt Dalton bought this coveted exact match domain at an auction in 2016. He knew the world’s preference for online shopping would soon coincide with the slow but steady legalization and use of cannabis. . When users browse the thousands of search engines available for that exact topic, there are millions of links that can lead them directly to, satisfying only the audience’s intent and further establishing the site’s brand. With such a succinct keyword for the site that covers all things cannabis, Dalton’s future would be nothing short of successful.’s entire mission begins with providing connections. Their website acts as a solid base of support for the rapidly growing cannabis industry and allows users to learn, locate and even find employment as the cannabis curious grow every day, excited to find ways to access the emerging market. The site also provides service industry players with access to advertisements, brand empowerment, exposure and engagement as well as various product promotions tailored to site users.

This comprehensive website has just about everything to do with the world’s fastest growing product loved by everyone from seasoned marijuana connoisseurs to newbies looking for a break from all the rave. Perhaps the most informative part of this website is their latest articles and news section which helps readers stay up to date with this revolutionary plant. Users can sift through blog posts on “how to”, medical coverage, opinion pieces, history, events and more. Just a few minutes browsing this update section of, and you’re bound to learn something new.

If you’ve learned just about everything your brain can handle in a day and are ready to try this wonder plant for yourself, the site makes it easy to locate the nearest dispensary. Whether you need a map of the nearest recreational or medicinal site or prefer to opt for delivery, has you covered. The site even offers access to understand how you can get your own medical cannabis card if you wish. That’s really what Dalton’s site is all about: to show you a huge range of all things cannabis and allow you to create your own journey through it all, helping you every step of the way.

Perhaps the site and the insights gained have resonated so deeply that it’s time to find a career in this industry. has a comprehensive platform dedicated to job search by location, employer or industry, backed by a list of verified job alerts and career opportunities if you are unsure about what you could benefit from the most. In an industry expected to reach 33 billion in sales by the end of 2022, a merger of cannabis employers and job seekers from around the world through a single website is ingenious. With a current compound annual growth rate of nearly 26%, there’s no doubt that people want to enter this market and why Dalton has made it a key aspect of its fully integrated platform.

As more states begin to legalize cannabis, in addition to the previous 37 states that have already accepted its medical use into law, high-traffic websites like are now more valuable than ever. With more media coverage, trending articles, verified drug benefits, and posts about its scientifically proven health goals, the word “cannabis” is all over the web. Perhaps if you’re looking for more minor issues like anxiety relief, stress management, nausea, or inflammation reduction, you’ll come across articles detailing the strengths of cannabis. Or maybe you’re looking for more difficult conditions like Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, anorexia, or cancer pain; the cannabinoids in this miracle plant have been shown to improve all of these issues and more. Luckily, it won’t be a deep search to find that keyword in’s multifaceted multimedia platform, leading you to a plethora of knowledge, social media, and plant access. Anything you’re looking for, anything you need, anything you’re interested in about cannabis, you can find it at and follow their many social activities here on instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and vimeo.


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