BREAKING: Putin says ‘war’ is being waged against Russia with ‘real aggression’


BREAKING: Putin says ‘war’ is being waged against Russia with ‘genuine aggression’. Image: @smotri_media/Twitter

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed his Security Council in Russia on Friday May 20 and spoke of the “real war” being waged against his country online.

According to Putin, “a full-scale war is being waged against Russia online”, and claimed that since the start of the “special military operation” in Ukraine, “a real aggression” has been unleashed against Russia.

“The number of cyberattacks against Russian IT infrastructure has steadily increased in recent years,” he said.

“Since the start of a special military operation in the Donbass region of Ukraine, the challenges in this area have become even more acute and serious, more ambitious. In fact, a real aggression has been unleashed against Russia – a war in the information space,” he said.

Putin referred to the number of cyberattacks, including complex ones, that have been launched against his country on several occasions and blamed other nations for carrying out these attacks.

“According to specialists, experts, lone hackers, of course, cannot do that. The attacks are carried out from different states and, at the same time, they are clearly coordinated. In fact, these are the actions of state structures,” he said.

He added: “Deliberate attempts are being made to disable Russia’s critical infrastructure internet resources. First, mass media, financial institutions, portals and social networks were attacked. Serious attacks have been carried out on the official sites of the authorities.

The Russian leader – whose defense minister revealed Russia was to create 12 new military units on the western border due to NATO threats – said big Russian companies were constantly targeted by hackers.

“In most cases, the following attack tactics are used: access to Russian Internet resources is blocked, information becomes inaccessible or replaced with fakes. At the same time, the most modern algorithms and combined technologies are used,” the president said.

However, the 69-year-old said no one or any country has achieved their goals of hacking their country.

“It can already be said today that the cyberaggression against us, as well as the sanctions attack against Russia in general, has failed. In general, we were ready for this attack, and this is the result of the systematic work that has been done over the past years,” Putin said.

Putin said Russia must develop a state system to protect the country’s information and issued relevant instructions to its Security Council.

“I consider it expedient to consider the issue of creating a system for protecting state information. I also expect specific proposals from you on additional measures to be taken to ensure the stable functioning of the information infrastructure in government and public administration,” he said.

Vladimir Putin is unhappy with his country’s war efforts in Ukraine after failing to capture Ukraine’s second city of Kharkiv and watching the world laugh at him for sinking the launch cruiser, according to British intelligence Russian Moskva missiles.

Subsequently, two of Putin’s senior commanders were fired for their poor performance in Ukraine, according to the UK MoD.

Lieutenant General Serhiy Kisel, who commanded the 1st Guards Elite Tank Army, was suspended for his failure to capture Kharkiv and Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, who commanded Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, was also suspended. was “probably suspended” after the sinking of the cruiser Moskva in April.

The Moskva was sunk by two Ukrainian missiles in the Black Sea, off Ukraine, on Wednesday April 13.

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