Benchmark data analysis with Excel using this $ 35 package


Digital scrapers and other robots are constantly scouring the web for information. This is something that almost everyone who uses the Internet knows. But if you only have a fleeting familiarity with buzzwords like “big data,” you might think these bots are doing all the heavy lifting.

If that were the case, there would almost certainly be no healthy job market for data analysts. And in case you haven’t been looking at some IT employment numbers lately, there sure are. Data analysts are the ones who make sense of all these numbers and help companies turn them into a battle plan. Whether in medicine, marketing or retail, you need analysts who know their stuff.

If you’re looking to join their ranks, here’s the good news: The tools many data analysts use are the same ones you might have used to write simple spreadsheets. And you can learn how to use them for a whole new career with the 2022 Microsoft Excel and Power BI Ultimate Certification Pack.

This series of nine online courses teaches the mathematical principles of data science, as well as the practical skills to implement them on platforms like Excel and Alteryx. Each course is taught by a data scientist or marketer with years of experience and may be of use to you whether you are grounded in the IT world or just an entrepreneur looking to get the most out of their strategy. awareness raising.

From compiling and verifying data to sorting into graphs that make sense to any layman, you will leave this set with a new understanding of the importance of numbers.

The 2022 Microsoft Excel and Power BI Ultimate Certification Pack contains over 60 hours of lessons and exercises. PCMag readers can access it for just $ 34.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $ 1,800.

Prices subject to change.

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