Barrhead Travel launches campaign highlighting agents’ ‘human touch’


Barrhead Travel’s hero campaign for Q1 2022 will launch as “Book Human, Book Barrhead Travel”.

It aims to focus on the negatives of booking with automated online search engines while celebrating the personal touch provided by a travel expert.

The campaign, which was first launched by parent company Internova Travel Group in the US market last year, is currently running on social media and online platforms with television due to launch this month. .

The video creation features an alternate reality where an AI-powered robot plans a “dream” vacation.

“We grew up in a world where technology was supposed to make our lives better, but that wasn’t the case when the pandemic hit. Individuals and families found themselves stuck with cancellations and no way to get refunds. That was the tension and the insight for the Book Human campaign,” said Brent Rivard, Chief Marketing Officer for Internova Travel Group.

According to Barrhead Travel, the provocative narrative is designed to inspire consumers to rethink how they book their travel plans and encourage potential vacationers to turn to their local travel agent.

Jacqueline Dobson, President of Barrhead Travel, said: “We need to make 2022 the year of the travel expert and that means using our marketing resources to cut through the noise and convince as many customers as possible to choose to book with a reputable travel agent.”

“Online technologies can enhance our services, but they will never replace the expertise that a knowledgeable travel consultant can provide.”


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