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BENGALURU: How about learning cricket and cinema with BCom, contemporary dance moves with chemistry or entrepreneurial botany with English literature? With the launch of first-year courses at many top-tier colleges in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP), students are choosing a variety of courses offered as open electives.
In accordance with the NEP, students can choose open elective courses in other fields outside the departments in which they are registered. Many autonomous colleges have asked each department to offer elective courses that can be taken by students in any discipline.
The four popular electives at Jyoti Nivas College are Nutrition for Physical and Mental Health; photography and visual storytelling; German; and the movements and practice of contemporary dance. At St Joseph’s College of Commerce, favorites are gender and leadership; event management; cricket and cinema; disaster management and social justice. Mount Carmel College offers 37 elective courses, with an intake of 60 students each. Seats will be filled on a first come, first served basis. As soon as the student portal opened, students could register for courses. For those who missed it, the topics will be available next semester. Classes are as diverse as Cultural Diversity in the Workplace, Electronics for All, Financial Mathematics, Entrepreneurial Botany, Democracy and Media, E-commerce and Retail.
“Courses offered by the Department of Economics – Markets and Government Policy; policy and business impact were fulfilled quickly. Economics is popular among arts, science, and business students. Social entrepreneurship, fashion and image management, web technology, chemistry in everyday life, stock trading, digital marketing are other popular courses that have been well received, ”said Raghu VN, spokesperson for the college.
NMKRV College for Women principal Snehalatha Nadiger said many are trying to play it safe and not opting for sweeping changes.
A faculty at Maharani’s College for Science, now attached to Maharani Cluster University, said biotechnology and statistics were the preferred choices. At RC College of Commerce, about 70% of students chose accounting. Other popular choices are personal finance and planning, people management, and rural development.
Surana College principal Bhavani MR said the college will have a consortium of neighborhood colleges to help each other offer as many classes as possible. “Our college has a wide variety of subjects. Should a local college wish to offer one of these courses, we are ready to welcome its students. Likewise, we can also send our students to their colleges. ”
Several colleges have said they are waiting for the universities’ full curriculum in open elective courses so that they can allow students to make informed choices. “While the core disciplines curriculum is here, those for many core electives are yet to come,” said a director.


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