Azad Chaiwala opens a new institute for students wishing to acquire professional computer skills


Azad Chaiwala is determined to achieve his goal of making Pakistan a first-world country and Pakistan’s youth self-sufficient tech savvy. A journey that began almost a decade ago is now on its peak trajectory and the dream has finally started to seem achievable.

Azad Chaiwala is a UK-born Pakistani who spent most of his youth in Sunderland. He is a millionaire tech entrepreneur who derived most of his wealth from an online gaming site which was very popular in the early days of Web2.0. He came to visit his father’s country ten years ago and discovered that his country was in a miserable state in terms of innovation and technological advancement. That’s when he started doing free institutes and videos on his youtube.

Vision of Azad Chaiwala

In a number of his videos, Azad complains about Pakistan’s old and rusty education system and says it’s rotten to the core. Azad says young Pakistanis are lost and there is no one to guide them to the right path where they will find mental and financial peace. In his institute he wrote on the entrance wall that;

“Over a decade ago I realized that our elders, government and education system had nothing meaningful to offer Pakistani youth and sadly, a decade later, nothing has changed” ,

He offers different theories and scenarios in which this troublesome system can be cured, but he alone cannot act on it. He believes that when more and more young people achieve success in their respective fields, they will inspire others to work hard in this field and also guide them on the path. In this exponential way, slowly but surely, Pakistani youth will find their true potential. This poster says further;

“So I have taken it upon myself to educate our young people with such skills that instill unshakeable self-confidence, make them valuable, as quickly as possible and at the most reasonable cost. So they can earn money, solve their problems, get married early and take care of their parents.

Competence is the new diploma

He established his first paid institute in Mirpur in 2017 which has been successful and has produced thousands of professional IT experts over the years. Many students earn money after learning new skills in his institute, and many students learn and are on their way to making a living by earning money online. Azad believes that the degree will be entirely replaced by competency-based learning in which everyone will acquire practical skills and go directly to the market with their skills. The motto of his institute says;

“Don’t waste your time and your parents’ hard-earned money on useless and outdated academic degrees. We offer hands-on classroom training in computer skills in as little as 2 weeks to a few months. Skills in high demand inside and outside Pakistan. Allowing you to start making money only in a short period of time.

New institute in Islamabad

After successfully running the Mirpur Institute for more than five years, he realized that he needed to move to other cities as well. So he starts his new institute in Islamabad in order to be able to teach more students. Lahore and Karachi are his next target cities and after launching the institute in Islamabad, he will move to Lahore.

Courses offered by the Azad Chaiwala Institute

Azad Chaiwala Institute Islamabad offers six courses for students. These courses teach you advanced skills in the most demanding IT areas. A common opinion among reviewers is that these courses are expensive and the period of time these courses are taken is not worth the price they charge.

Azad’s response to this comment over the years is that if students can pay millions for college degrees that don’t teach you a skill or guarantee a job, surely they can pay that minimal amount compared to universities .

Video Editing (Price: Rs.39,000)

Video montage

This is a 4 week course that teaches you advanced video editing on different software including Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. There are tons of jobs available in this field because most of the media is in video form and all the videos you see on any platform are edited by a video editor. You can even freelance with this skill or even start creating your own content. You can also take this course online if you cannot travel to any of Azad’s institutes.

Videography (Price: Rs.39,000)


This course teaches you advanced DSLR processes and techniques as well as other important camera skills such as green screen and using different lenses and frame rates. This is also a 4 week course where you will get in-depth guidance and hands-on training in DSLR use.

Graphic Design (Price: Rs.39,000)

Graphic design

This course teaches you advanced photo editing, animation, and illustration skills with hands-on training in all related skills. Azad provides you with your own personal drawing tablet for your one-on-one training and you can also purchase these tablets afterwards if you wish for much less than market cost. The 4 week course teaches you professional graphic design software such as Correl Draw, Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator.

Programming (Price: Rs.195,000)


This is the most advanced and longest course offered by Azad Institute. This course starts by teaching you web development and then application development. If you keep practicing regularly for a few months, you can land a good job as a programmer at any software company or even a big tech company. This is a 10 week course that teaches you programming in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, and PHP.

Digital Marketing (Price: 95,000 rupees)

digital marketing

This is an advanced digital marketing course that teaches you in-depth methods for running paid campaigns on the internet. This skill is in high demand as every business wants to place their ads on social media sites. You can earn a lot of money if you freelance with international clients or land a remote job at any foreign company. This is also a 4 week course, but it is an extremely expensive course, the price of Rs.39,000 was acceptable for other 4 week courses and it would have been better if this one also cost the same price, and for that price, we think it’s not worth it.

Basic Computer Course (Price: Rs.9,500)

Basic Computer Courses

This course requires only 40 hours which takes only 6-7 days. This is the right course for you if you are just starting to use computers and have no prior experience. In this course, you will learn Microsoft Office, operating systems, spreadsheets, and other basic computer concepts.


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