ANZ Bank app and website not working or working? You’re not alone


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The original story (published June 17, 2021) follows:

In this connected age, we have seen many traditional institutions such as governments, authorities, banks and even schools put their services online with the aim of making them accessible to users.

And for good reason. Having these services accessible remotely offers so much flexibility to users and in these times of COVID-19 it is becoming more and more essential.

Of course, these services are only useful when they actually work. And lately it looks like we’ve had a few too many outages.

Just in case you’re trying to figure out why the ANZ banking app isn’t working for you, take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one facing some issues lately.

ANZ app is not working

A quick look at the Twitter micro-blogging site, reveals that there are many others affected by the same problem. According to reports, users trying to access the app are greeted with an error message informing them that something has gone wrong.

For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants frame the problem:

Looks like @ANZ_AU is offline, both the web and app are dead #ANZ #Outage #Yikes.

Something is happening with secure connectivity in Australia as many banks like #ANZ #CBA are down and part of the VPN connectivity is down as well …

It also appears that this issue could affect more than ANZ, as user reports also indicate that banks such as CBA, Westpac, St George and Credfin are also affected.

Online banking portals are down for CBA, Westpac, St George, ANZ and Credfin is unable to crawl these accounts until they are back online. They got off about 9 minutes ago.

Big banks offline. I wonder what’s going on. #Westpac #ABC.

Downdetector – a popular service that provides live outage information – also indicates that ANZ Banking and a few other banking services in Australia are indeed going through a problem, as shown in the image below:

ANZ DownDetector

At the time of writing this article, we still do not have an official communication on this matter, as we have yet to find word of the official service channels or their social media accounts.

Rest assured, we are keeping an eye on all related developments and will update this page with relevant information as we come across it. So, if you are facing the issue discussed here, stay hooked on updates.

Update 1 (June 17)

IST 11:05 am: It now appears that this outage could be much larger than previously thought. This is because various other services would be affected.

Breakdown in Australia

Currently, airlines such as Southwest, Frontier Airlines, Amazon Web Services, Telstra, Optus, Vodafone among many other services would be affected. Stay tuned for more.

Southwest Airlines has since acknowledged the problem, noting that its technical team is already working on restoring services.

Discover also acknowledged the issue, noting that they are working with the tech team to resolve the issue.

Update 2 (August 14)

IST 8:55 am: New reports on Twitter and Downdetector say ANZ Bank customers can no longer use the service. In fact, some even confirmed that they could not use their card to pay.

Is your bank down? Unable to access app, online banking, or self-service banking (Source)

Make at least an effort to let people know the systems are down @ANZ_AU. We are in public places trying to access our money and we are denied. (Source)

@ANZ_AU this is ridiculous. I have to make an international transfer for a medical emergency but everything is down. Please help! (Source)

Fortunately, the bank confirmed that they were aware of the situation and were working to fix it as soon as possible.

We have been made aware of an issue with internet banking and the app and the team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. (Source)

Update 3 (September 02)

IST 08:48: New reports on Twitter indicate that Westpac account holders are facing issues with the bank’s app and website. In addition, Downdetector also indicates that there is a generalized outage of the service.

@Westpac Is westpac both mobile and PC down? I can’t log in to see the balance either. (Source)

@Westpac What’s wrong with online banking right now. It does not work. Was it much earlier this morning? (Source)

The bank also confirmed that it is aware of the outage and is working to fix it.

I can confirm that some of our customers are currently having issues accessing their mobile and online banking services. Our IT teams are aware and are investigating to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. (Source)

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