Animoca’s Tiny Tap Brings Education to Web 3.0 with Play to Learn Games


Animoca’s Tiny Tap Brings Education to Web 3.0 with Play to Learn Games

  • Animoca brands subsidiary Tiny Tap is an upcoming platform for hosting user-generated games and educational content.
  • Tiny Tap has announced plans to launch its ‘Editor’ NFT collection. The NFTs in the collection will be linked to a series of games and educational activities created by teachers on the Tiny Tap platform, ‘Platform.’
  • Six Editor NFTs are expected to be listed on OpenSea from November 2.

The launch is part of a joint effort by Animoca Brands and small faucet to build an alternative Web 3.0 education system that offers greater incentives for teachers.

Play to learn with Tiny Tap

Tiny Tap is the world’s largest library of educational games, with over 200,000 activities created by educators and publishers. The project aims to digitally transform the world of teaching and learning by enabling educators to profit from the content they create and, in the same way, by providing learners with better learning opportunities. Tiny Tap provides a no-code platform that allows educators to create and share educational content by offering royalties when that content is used by learners.

The launch of the Editor The NFT Collection represents Tiny Tap’s first step in using Web 3.0 technology to establish an alternative, decentralized education platform that supports and fairly rewards teachers.

here’s how Editor The NFTs will reward teachers:

  • Each Editor NFT owns the rights to co-publish a course created by a teacher, allowing licensees to support course materials directly.
  • A course consists of educational games specific to a single subject.
  • As co-editors, Editor NFT holders are encouraged to actively participate in the promotion of corresponding courses on the platform in order to share the revenue generated with the creator, through its subscription model.
  • NFT holders can potentially receive up to 80% of any future revenue generated from their own marketing and publishing.
  • The proceeds of the NFT sale will be shared between the teachers concerned and the platform. In addition, teachers will be able to receive royalties on secondary sales and will additionally be entitled to 10% of the revenue generated by their courses.

Tiny Tap focuses on decentralized education and provides a platform for educators to create interactive games. The project worked to establish greater transparency by using a direct-to-educator model to provide a decentralized curriculum for all ages.

By gamifying and decentralizing learning, Tiny Tap hopes to encourage creators to generate interactive and educational content for a multitude of topics and purposes, and thus host a platform with endless learning possibilities.

on the reverse

  • Courses and games related to each Editor NFTs are primarily aimed at toddlers and young children.

Why You Should Care

Tiny Tap introduced a new use case for NFTs by creating an NFT-based education system that inspires teachers to create high-quality content. Tiny Tap supports teachers around the world in their efforts to teach children of all ages, empowering them to grow and build equity in a world where teachers are undervalued, underpaid and discriminated against.

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