ALICE training is now available for parents


District 204 has announced an online ALICE training course tailored for parents and guardians to understand ALICE principles. The course is led by Navigate 360°which trains schools and other communities in shooting readiness by an ALICE Certified Instructor.

According to Navigate 360, the ALICE program, an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate, aims to teach participants safe and proactive procedures in the event of a shooter attack. Training is available to staff through modules and scenarios delivered by an ALICE instructor. This specific course, however, serves as a tool for parents and guardians to learn the safety measures required for their students. The school’s Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Ronald Wilke, encourages parents and guardians to take the online course.

“It’s something families can use whether you’re at Target, church, a movie theater, or the mall,” Wilke said. “So we’re looking at some sort of training for the whole family and of course we want the parents to reinforce that when they come home.”

An age-appropriate document is also part of the ALICE training which provides detailed information on the level of ALICE measures according to age. This document explains in more detail the safety concepts specific to your child’s classroom. The recommended course of action is different for students in kindergarten through high school. Document adds new measures that build on ALICE core strategies as student ages

“So one of the reasons we’re sending this home is so parents can have it so when kids get older out of a particular age range, they can start reinforcing the next level,” said said Wilke.

Although the ALICE program is typically taught in a school setting, promoting enhanced containment strategies allows the concepts to be directly applied in circumstances outside of school.

“[It is] just kind of situational awareness and hopefully that will help students, like anything else you were taught throughout your schooling,” Wilke said. “That when you go to college or move on into your adult life, it doesn’t matter, then you have concepts to protect yourself, don’t you?”

For more information on why it is important to have options-based strategies and responses for violent critical incidents, related is the ALICE training program for parents led by Navigate 360 ​​with the age-appropriate document.


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