After Logjams, Cong’s ‘Price Rise Talks’ Condition on Productivity; Anurag Thakur slams Oppn


from price hikes to the GST levy on necessities to the Agnipath program, resulting in a literal washout of debate during the first three days of the monsoon session.

“They (non-BJP state government representatives) come to the TSG Council meeting and don’t voice their concerns, but come here to protest and show placards,” Thakur said while answering questions. further on whether the government is taking action against false propaganda. brought on social networks as well as by some elected officials. Without naming anyone, he also criticized some opposition leaders for sowing public doubt about Covid vaccines and the Agnipath program. He said that despite this, 200 million doses of vaccine have already been administered.

He said some elected and former public officials are engaged in confusion over GST on essential items, Covid vaccination and the Agnipath program for recruitment into the armed forces. “We urge them not to engage in false propaganda,” he said, and also urged the media not to give importance to such statements. Thakur was responding amid continued protests and slogans shouting against the government by opposition MPs, including those from the AAP and left-wing parties.

Amid the uproar, Thakur said the government banned 94 YouTube channels, 19 social media accounts and 747 URLs (uniform resource locator) from the web in 2021-22 that were engaged in anti-Indian activities. He affirmed that the government does not hesitate to take action against those who engage in anti-national activities.

“Those (members of the opposition) who stand here (in the well of the House) do not raise their voices against the elements who work against the interest of the country. But we took action against them,” he said. Thakur further said that some members of opposition parties protesting in the House were engaging in false propaganda and spreading lies.

To a follow-up question from RJD MP Manoj Jha on the recent lawsuits against fact checkers, the minister said it was important to understand who the fact checkers are and who are involved in criminal activities. “We must ensure that no one creates turmoil in society in the name of fact-checking. If someone files a complaint against such people, the law takes its own course,” he said.

Thakur further said that it is state law enforcement agencies that take action on complaints, not his department.

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