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Huntsville, USA – Adtran, Inc.., the provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber optic access and extension solutions, announced a partnership with Fiber Homes, a platform that helps buyers find fiber-connected homes. The Fiber Homes service will be integrated with Adtran Mosaic One cloud software to add a new layer of prospecting capabilities and help service providers better understand where new revenue opportunities exist.

Fiber Homes, a DxTEL platform, is the fiber availability resource for the real estate industry. It connects broadband providers to national Multiple Listing Services (MLS) groups and/or real estate marketing systems so homebuyers can find fiber-connected homes and see which providers serve the neighborhood. Adtran is the fiber broadband solution provider with a Fiber Homes partnership that offers Adtran customers discounted access to the Fiber Homes platform.

“By partnering with Adtran, we are poised to rapidly expand the Fiber Homes database, opening up new opportunities for Adtran customers to be spotlighted in both MLS data and their communities. “said Robert Gilbert, director and COO of DxTEL. “Ultimately, Adtran’s service providers will be well-positioned to strengthen local partnerships with real estate leaders and community members for even greater impact on the people, places and things we do. ‘they connect.’

Mosaic One offers cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that aggregates information from management and orchestration platforms, broadband access, and consumer home devices to provide three portals: Care, Operate and Promote. The Fiber Homes app will be integrated with the Adtran Mosaic One Promote portal which provides marketers with user behavior and customer insights to simplify and maximize their marketing efforts. Fiber broadband providers will also have access to specialized content and complementary advertising tools. Having the service provider’s name appear directly on MLS listings provides Adtran’s customers with a competitive advantage, helping to level the playing field between regional or municipal service providers and their large national competitors.

“Adtran is an end-to-end fiber optic broadband solution provider. We connect our customers to the programs, partnerships and services they need to connect their communities and increase their competitiveness. This exciting and exclusive partnership allows our customers to access the Fiber Homes service at a fraction of its list price and we are able to integrate advanced fiber prospecting and mapping directly into Mosaic One,” says Josh Bailey, Vice President, Global Software Sales Enablement. at Adtran. “By adding this valuable functionality to our Mosaic One Promote portal, we are extending our cloud-based SaaS offering to enable marketing teams to deliver the right message at the right time.”

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