Actress opens up about MMS, blames YouTubers and media for it, watch video


Leaked MMS of Akshara Singh: The most popular and expensive actress in the Bhojpuri industry, Akshara Singh. The actress gained more fame after her release from Bigg Boss Ott. She stays in the headlines for one reason or another, but recently she was in the limelight for an alleged MMS of the actress that went viral. This leaked MMS news of Akshara Singh has created a buzz on the internet. Now, the actress is back in the limelight again for sharing a video talking about her MMS Leak news on her official account.

Akshara opens up about her MMS leak

In this video, the actress blamed YouTubers who share fake MMS and also scolded media portals. Bhojpuri star Akshara said in her video that many girls have to pay huge damages due to the actions of these YouTubers. With this, Akshara has completely dismissed the MMS related rumors and also blames them for supporting these YouTubers without any proof or knowledge of the truth. Akshara later talks about Karma and says “I will pray for all of you that your mother, sister and daughter never face something like this”.

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Changes Akshara Faces After MMS Leak

After this incident, her career also began to be affected. For the uninitiated, the most popular actress in the Bhojpuri industry that the director and producer were ready to pay her as per demand just to sign in their movies. But now the scenario has completely changed after this new MMS. Producers are now ignoring and avoiding the actress they seem to be supporting by giving Akshara Singh movies. This incident silently changed Akshara Singh’s life. She has been the target of social media trolls after the MMS leak incident. This is the reason why producers and directors are afraid to sign her for their films. Akshara Singh was flying high in his career and right after this MMS leak, his career is now in question.

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