Accelerate Your Career With These Best Coding Websites


You can learn to code inexpensively and at your speed with coding websites.

Choosing the best site for you starts with finding coding websites focused on the programming language you want to learn. But you’ll also need to consider price, time commitment, and flexibility.

Read on to compare our top picks.

Why learn to code?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster-than-average growth for computer and information systems management and web development roles through 2030.

If you’re hoping to change careers, make more money, or land a coding job, now might be the time to learn programming.

Learning to code can help your career by:

  • Increase earning potential
  • Improve problem solving and logic skills
  • Allow career flexibility

Our Picks: Coding Websites to Learn Programming at Your Own Pace

Is it difficult to learn coding? The right resources can make it easier for you. These coding websites offer reputable and challenging programs to expand your knowledge of programming languages ​​and coding processes.

We’ve highlighted their notable features to help you decide which one is right for you. Coding websites are listed in alphabetical order.

code avengers
Cost: $20 to $29 per month

Along with its coding bootcamps, Code Avengers offers programs designed for kids, educators, and professionals who want to learn to code.

  • The Code Avengers Junior Program includes Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced programs with activities and assessments for students ages 5-16.

  • The Educator program teaches coding and prepares you to plan, teach, and assess computer skills.

  • The career path explores building apps, learning languages, and preparing for a career in web development, web design, and software engineering.

Each program includes learning modules with assignments to track your progress.

school of codes
Cost: $399 to $779 per year

Pluralsight + Code School offers courses, skill assessments, labs, and hands-on learning opportunities for individuals of all skill levels.

Software development courses include the fundamentals of the Java language and C development, courses in Python and JavaScript, and Android application development. Pluralsight’s courses for security, data professionals, and creative professionals integrate projects and interactive video technology.

Pluralsight’s technical certification prep programs through AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, and others include unlimited practice exams and peer-tracking features.

You can benefit from Pluralsight’s blogs, webinars, podcasts and comprehensive help center.
Cost: Varies provides schools with access to computer science courses. The nonprofit organization focuses on young women and students from underrepresented groups. partners with donors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Verizon. programs teach students how to create games and applications, develop websites, and explore career paths. Tutorials complement the full courses.

Teacher programs train educators to integrate computing into their classrooms. also offers a project platform for students to create apps and games.



Cost: $0 to $39.99

Codecademy allows you to choose a program based on a specific topic or goals, such as building a career, acquiring a skill, and learning a language. You can take courses in languages ​​such as Python, Java, SQL, and C++, as well as coding basics courses.

The Codecademy site offers articles, videos, blogs, and a career center. Codecademy partners with high schools to provide free memberships. College students can join chapters at institutions around the world.

Check out our Codecademy review for more details.

Code Wars
No cost

Codewars offers programs in 24 languages, with 28 more in beta testing. With courses based on mini coding exercises, Codewars programs go from beginner to expert as you hone your skills.

Instant feedback, discussions with community members, and options to create challenges serve both beginners and advanced coders alike. The practice is free. Businesses can sign up for an assessment, while educators can request a free trial of Codewars’ automated teacher assessment for classrooms.

No cost

FreeCodeCamp offers over 8,000 tutorials to prepare you for a job as an entry-level software developer or teach you a new skill. The FreeCodeCamp schedule builds as you progress through projects and testing. Along the way, you earn certifications to put on your resume.

The programming curriculum includes thousands of hours of programming practice, with opportunities to learn JavaScript algorithms, front-end development, data visualization, and machine learning. There’s even a 24/7 radio station with relaxing music for coding.

Guides and an active community forum help coders throughout the program.

Cost: $6.99 to $399 to $99

GeeksforGeeks (GFG) offers tutorials on algorithms, data structures, web technologies, and programming languages, as well as career development resources. GFG’s tutorials present topics to prepare you for activities, projects and assessments.

You can also sign up for live classes, self-paced programs, or a company-specific course. Classes range from beginner to advanced.

GFG offers campus and school ambassador programs and competitive programming opportunities for students. GFG also hosts a job site and organizes competitions, webinars and workshops.

No cost

HackInScience, an interactive platform of Python exercises, trains you to code in Python and gives you instant feedback on your efforts. Thousands of basic, training, realistic, command-line, and NumPy Python exercises allow individuals of all programming levels to advance their skills.

HackInScience teaches Python to schools and businesses and encourages teachers to integrate their platform into classrooms.

An active community, Python coaching and the ability to work in teams make HackInScience accessible and welcoming. Moreover, Python is one of the easiest programming languages ​​to master.

No cost

HackerEarth lets you practice, compete, and hack daily with over 8,000 coding questions, 2,000 coding challenges, and 1,000 hackathons.

Programming tracks include basic programming, data structures, machine learning, and online programming. Each progresses from basic to advanced through coding problems and competitive coding assessments.

The HackerEarth community includes software developers and engineers. Additional resources include product guides, hiring and recruiting blogs, and interview resources.

No cost

HackerRank provides a technical maintenance platform for businesses as well as resources for software developers and coders at all levels. HackerRank brings together programmers from around the world to solve problems in algorithms, machine learning, and programming paradigms.

HackerRank challenges and competitions come with certifications that help you prepare for tech interviews. Preparation kits range from one week to three months.

DND Learn Web Development
No cost

MDN provides an extensive collection of resources on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTTP. The site includes tutorials, web technology references, developer tools, and documentation for web developers.

Guides teach developers style, structure, and scripting using programming languages.

MDN unites community members through its forum and chat features to build a better Internet. Since Mozilla Corporation runs MDN, the website also has information about jobs with Mozilla.

A month
Cost: $299 per year

As the name suggests, One Month aims to teach you a programming language or business skill in just one month. Each course offered by One Month lasts four weeks.

Available languages ​​include HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python, and SQL. The month-long programs target coding beginners with no prior knowledge or experience.

Coding courses accompany business courses on product management, content marketing, and how to grow a startup.

tree house.png


Tree house
Cost: $25 to $199 per month

Treehouse’s expert-led videos teach you programming languages ​​and the frameworks and principles needed to work in software development and design.

Treehouse courses include interactive quizzes and coding challenges to help you practice. Additional resources include a bi-monthly toolkit, networking opportunities and podcasts.

The company’s Techdegree bootcamp helps you build a portfolio for your career in front-end web development, full web development, or data analytics. You will carry out organized projects, workshops and quizzes.

The Odin Project
No cost

Focused on preparing future web developers, The Odin Project offers free access to a program of tutorials, blogs, and online courses.

You will start with a basic course introducing the basic concepts. You then choose a full-stack Ruby on Rails or full-stack JavaScript and NodeJs program.

The two programs overlap, but the Ruby on Rails full-stack approach takes a back-to-front approach, while the JavaScript program focuses on the front-end.



Cost: $0 to $695

W3Schools offers exercises, quizzes, courses and certificates in a range of programming languages.

Tutorials provide hands-on information and activities to help you learn programming, web development, data analysis, and more. W3Schools is also home to many free references for programmers.

Self-paced courses and certificates from W3Schools cost money and cover similar topics in greater depth. Additional resources include the W3School Spaces website builder tool and its coding set.


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