A teenager next door is recognized worldwide for his businesses


When everything revolves around the Internet, the revolution has finally turned this era into the era of digitalization in today’s world. Many people spend their day on the Internet browsing social networks, working, checking news sites, or anything that involves using the Internet. Most young people spend their time quietly on the Internet without worrying about wasting it. Like this, a boy who was just in his teens used the internet as bait and decided to be an entrepreneur and invest his time and hard work in his businesses.

About Nikunj Agarwal and how the idea of ​​an online business hit him

Nikunj Agarwal is Udaipur’s youngest entrepreneur. Nikunj is a 17 year old digital marketer who founded “Digitary”.

Being a teenager himself, Nikunj has never denied the existence of the web and how deeply ingrained it is in our lives. Like other teenagers, he wanted to investigate and surf the web. The adaptability and breadth of information the web brings to the table systematically shapes Nikunj.

He chose to use this and considered starting a business without anyone else’s help. It was also at this time that he started Digitary. He used the web to learn more about his field. To carry out the calculations in question and much more, Nikunj considers the web as his coach.

Nikunj mentioned that he was lucky to have all the minimum resources needed to start something new. It’s about using things and opportunities in your favor and working harder to make it successful.

He used the time of the pandemic to learn more and more about his job and how he could make the changes needed to make it better for his client. He has taken several digital marketing related courses to learn new things every day and learn how to be innovative.

What kind of work does Digital do?

Digitary Media Company provides its clients with services such as social media management, public relations, reputation management, website design, influencer marketing and many more.

Nikunj Agarwal ensures that his Digital organization markets everything and handles public relations in an organized manner in order to achieve the best result for his clients. They have helped many small businesses, creators and influencers get established online by following required growth strategies.

The range of work involved in digital technology

At present, Digitary manages a good number of clients in the world. The small business he started has grown so much thanks to his hard work and patience. Starting at a young age gave him time to understand things, see them from different angles, and gain a wealth of knowledge. Nikunj’s work is full of fresh and innovative ideas that are clearly reflected throughout his work. He has carried out many successful projects since the beginning. It’s just a fun ride because he loves his job, making it a million times better.

He didn’t achieve all of this in a day or soon after he started working. It took hard work, patience and a willingness to learn. He invested his time in the right place at the right time. He was fighting when everyone around him when everyone around him was relaxed and relaxed. Nikunj pointed out that nothing is in vain. Every effort you put in gives you the result you want.


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