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Acclaimed jazz singer and Baltimore native, Leak Maysaadmits I SEE YOU that she has always felt hidden. Beginner as a member of the legendary Stevie WonderThe entourage of background singer, Maysa has been performing in the music business for over three decades. She landed her first lead vocal gig with an ironically called British soul collective, Incognito. But music reps told her she couldn’t appear in a music video for the band because of her weight. And yet, despite his challenges of not having a strong promotional machine to support his career; experiencing a difficult pregnancy while on tour; online search engines mistakenly link her to a dead Brazilian actress and even lose her vocal cords to a roommate’s pet rabbit – Maysa uses her silky smooth voice as a beautiful instrument of emotion, vulnerability and inspiration throughout his vast musical discography. Join host Eddie Robinson for this first episode of Season 2 of I SEE U as he candidly chats with jazz singer-songwriter Maysa. This episode also kicks off an ongoing series that sheds light on the music radio format known as Smooth Jazz, where we examine the rich origins of its past and the uncertainty of its future.


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