3 things you didn’t know were illegal while driving


Most Washingtonians drive, it’s a small number of people who rely solely on public transportation. Even with all of these laws and rules in the state, some people are still unaware of some of the laws while driving. So much so that people are being ticketed daily for laws they never heard of until they were ticketed.

So we wanted to go over some of the laws that are not as well known to drivers in Washington State. You might not believe some of what you read, but we promise these are all real laws you need to follow while driving a car.

3.) Drowsy driving

Do you feel a little tired while driving? This could cost you dearly, especially if you have an accident. Being tired and driving is not illegal, unless you have an accident or hit someone in the moment, they can catch you for drowsy driving and add it to any other charges you may receive.

2.) Wear Headphones

No one will arrest you for using a Bluetooth or hands-free device, but if you’re playing with headphones, that’s a whole different story. It is illegal in Washington State to wear headphones while driving as it can cause major distraction and it is very important that you can hear what is happening around you while you are on the road.

1.) Drive in flip flops

What we assumed to be an urban legend is actually the law, in Washington State and many other states it is illegal to drive while wearing flip flops or barefoot. It’s true, even when the weather is too hot, you should always wear sturdy shoes that don’t slip while you drive. The danger comes from your flipflop getting stuck on the pedal and causing a serious accident. No, an officer can’t arrest you assuming you’re driving in flip flops, but if you’re pulled over for any case and he notices you’re barefoot or wearing flip flops, he can stick it on your ticket for an even more expensive fine.

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