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Check 12 Private Search Engines That Are Not Following You

Private browsing using so-called private or incognito modes in your regular browser doesn’t give you the level of privacy you think you have. You might not want to be tracked and do it clearly in your default browser, but you know you don’t when ads related to your recent searches appear on Facebook or in your Gmail.

If in doubt, opt for private search engines instead. Private search engines are search engines that do not store your queries or track your footsteps on the Internet.

In fact, there are quite a number of them with a variety of functions and methods to secure your searches. Most of these search engines don’t have much to look at, but they’re not here to look pretty, they’re here to help. a safe way to search for things that interest you.

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    Duck Winning Duck

    DuckDuckGo is one of the safest search engines that never crawls your searches while giving you an enhanced search experience. It is expressly designed for people who like to preserve their privacy and provides instant results without personalized ads on search pages. This search engine serves over 10 million searches One day.

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    Wolfram alpha

    WolframAlpha is a computer search engine that provides precise answers and offers open knowledge. It’s a knowledge-rich private search engine that doesn’t track what you’re looking for, however.

    This private search engine performs dynamic calculations using built-in algorithms and offers specialist knowledge on people, calculations, health and medicine, money and finance, music and movies and much more.

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    Home page

    The homepage works powerfully to deliver search results while protecting your searches and avoiding following your footsteps. Navigation of offers via a proxy server to help protect you from websites that track your IP address or location. You can add it to your browser, in Chrome or Firefox, and even change its color theme.

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    It’s not much to look at, but Privatelee allows for safe searches and strict filters if you need to. This search engine don’t keep your search keywords to use for announcements or surveillance. Privatelee offers “PowerSearch” commands that allow you to configure the search source and more. It is also known by another name Qrobe.it.

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    With Yippy, you can manually filter results by categories and report any inappropriate results. Unlike some engines, Yippy allows you to search for many types of content including the web, images, news, jobs, blogs, government data, etc.

    Yippy also allows you to view cached pages (like Google) and Filter results for tag clouds, fonts, websites. It doesn’t track your search queries or display personalized ads.

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    Hulbee is a private search solution that offers instant searches without tracking your search history or location. Hulbee provides smart information, but never analyzes or stores information from its visitors.

    You all searches are encrypted for security against man-in-the-middle attacks and data breaches. Among its options: choose a region for the most relevant search results and it even allows you to “delete your activity” so as not to leave any traces in general.

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    Gibiru still offers uncensored encrypted search engine to prevent data leaks To third parties. Gibiru’s works faster than most private search engines because it uses “Google Custom Search” to provide its service. However, it removes all tracking methods used by Google.

    It also offers a free Firefox / Chrome search bar to help you perform anonymous searches right from your browser.

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    Disconnect research

    Disconnect research uses help in finding content in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but it never tracks your online searches or activities or your IP address. Disconnecting search allows you browse by location so that you can get relevant location specific results based on the location you choose. This clearly informs about the tools those that are protected and unprotected, allowing you to choose which one to use.

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    Lukol uses a proxy server to offer personalized searches Google results using your improved custom search you always keep your privacy by remove traceable entities. Lukol is considered to be one of the best private search engines that protects from online crooks and it keeps spammers away by protecting you from deceptive or inappropriate sites. It guarantees the total anonymity of your searches.

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    MetaGer allows you to perform confidential and untraceable searches that leave no trace. Also integrates a proxy server So you can open any link anonymously search results pages and yet keep your IP address hidden from the destination server. Also never track your keywords.

    This prohibits third parties or advertisers from targeting you for advertisements or any other malicious attack. Its default language is German.

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    Gigablast indexes billions of web pages and provides real-time information without tracking your online searches or browsing history. It is considered to be one of the best private search engines which keeps it almost completely hidden from marketers and spammers.

    Gigablast offers searches with some customizations and optional settings like search by exact phrase, languages, terms, file types and many more.

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    Oscobo is an anonymous search engine that does not allow any type of tracking. This search engine does not store or track user data in any way, and also does not allow a third party to hack or abuse user data.

    Like some private search engines here, it allows you to search for information, images, videos, news, etc. It also offers a Chrome extension for search.

What is your favorite private search engine? Let us know via the comments section below.

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