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If you feel the need to change jobs, additional training can be a route to pursuing different goals. Moving to a new field usually requires training, which can range from getting a bachelor’s degree to completing a few courses or getting a new degree.

Here are some of the courses available to help you launch your second career:

  • Financial education from Knopman Marks.
  • Academy of Codes.
  • Revenue Marketing University courses.
  • Preparation course for the test-guide.
  • Spark Rental Real Estate Course.
  • Bootcamp on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.
  • Authority Hacker Training.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials.
  • Course of the General Assembly.
  • Udemy course.
  • Alison’s class.

Knopman Marks Financial Education

If you want to pursue a career in finance, Knopman Marks Financial Training provides study materials and preparation for passing the Securities Industry Essentials exam. This exam is considered a necessary first step towards a career in securities, and anyone 18 years of age or older can take the exam. Through the training, “students acquire knowledge about basic securities terminology, types and risks of financial products, securities markets and regulations and the day-to-day practices of financial representatives”, explains Marcia Larson, director and faculty member of Knopman Marks Financial Training. . Study materials cost $ 250, and with an additional $ 225, you’ll receive live, instructor-led learning experiences.

Code Academy

For those who dream of becoming a web developer, the Code Academy at Midland University in Omaha, Nebraska offers a 12-week learning experience. This full-time, in-person, immersive program teaches web development, and no prior coding or programming experience is required. The cost is $ 12,000 and includes assistance in preparing for job interviews. During the course, students learn front-end design and server-side code with training in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL using the REACT framework.

University Income Marketing Courses

Before moving on to a career in marketing or moving to another area within the marketing segment, you can take online courses through the Pedowitz Group Revenue Marketing University. Some courses are free, including “Fundamentals of Revenue Marketing” and “Google Analytics for Marketers”. Other courses are chargeable, such as “Excel for Marketers” for $ 99 and “Marketo Engage for Beginners” which is $ 1,500.

Preparation course for the test-guide

Test-Guide.com offers free study materials and practice exams to help students prepare for various subject areas. You can use materials on the site to prepare for the real estate exam or the commercial driver’s license test, which can be used to drive commercial vehicles such as school buses. Passing these tests can allow users to make the transition to a new career.

Spark Rental Real Estate Course

SparkRental offers an online course called “Real Estate FIRE,” which provides training to help individuals achieve financial independence and early retirement through real estate investing. The course consists of 10 video modules, each lasting 25-40 minutes, as well as several bonus videos and other support tools such as calculators. The cost is $ 797. A free course, “Give up your daily job with rental income,” is also available that explains how to use real estate to replace 9-5 income.

Bootcamp on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship

This full-day, six-hour live online course is available through BuildED and focuses on building entrepreneurship skills. Participants learn how to improve performance and innovate and how entrepreneurship can be used to advance your career. The Ownership and Career Advancement Workshop explains how to operate in the odd-job economy, how to start a business, and how to pave the way for financial success.

Authority hacker training

If you want to work from home and start an income-generating website, Authority Hacker offers an online training program called The Authority Site System. For $ 997, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to build your own authority website. You can expect to learn how to build a website that can be used to generate income.

Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials

For those who are ready to pursue photography, digital imaging, or design work, you can take Creative Cloud tutorials through Adobe. Creative Cloud is a collection of over 20 apps for photography, video, design, and social media. For individuals, a Creative Cloud plan starts at $ 52.99 per month. The lessons, available on adobe.com, range from beginner to advanced and come with videos and how-to instructions. You can learn everything for free, from logo design to business cards and video editing.

General Assembly course

Since its inception in 2011, the General Assembly has provided training for in-demand skills. You can receive training on data, design, and coding, among other categories. You have the opportunity to learn on campus or online from anywhere in the world, and mentoring is available. There are several payment plans, including tuition discounts and an option to pay after you hire.

Udemy courses

With more than 180,000 online video courses, Udemy offers training on a wide variety of topics. Instructors come from all over the world and classes are available in over 65 languages. Its main categories include design, development, marketing, business, photography and music. Prices vary depending on the course and are sometimes offered for sale.

Alison’s Course

You can sort through thousands of free online courses and get career advice from Alison. Certificates and diplomas awarded for taking courses could help you propel your next career. The site offers training in areas such as IT, languages, management, health and education. Free learning resources and paid courses are available.


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