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Sometimes spam callers use a lot of numbers, and blocking all those spam numbers seems unnecessary. In such a situation, you are always curious about who is calling you at odd hours and sending you anonymous messages. You should be happy to know that advancements in technology now allow us to search the phone numbers of scammers for free.

You might be faced with other scenarios where you want to get detailed information about the spam caller. In this article, we will introduce you to a number of services that will allow you to find fraudulent phone numbers.

Part 1: Is it possible to search for a fraudulent phone number?

By all means, it is now possible to do a scammer phone number search using different search engines that offer paid or free services. To use these services, you do not need to acquire any special skills. You should use these services whenever you want to get information about unknown number or spam number.

Doing a research on unwanted callers means that you will get a complete and detailed report. This report may include information such as caller name, home addresses, email addresses, social media accounts, criminal history, family details, phone numbers, educational background and professionals.

Part 2: 7 Best Rogue Phone Number Finder Services

Various fraudulent phone number tracing services allow you to find a person’s identity. In this part of the article, we will discuss the top 7 number lookup services, the highest of which are shown as follows:

2.1 RealPeopleSearch

Search for real people
counts as the best fraudulent phone number finder service capable of discovering a person’s information using their phone number.

The amazing features of RealPeopleSearch make people trust this service to identify phone numbers. Some of the features include free and convenient services that never ask you for payment, and its user-friendly interface is compatible with all devices.

How to do a free scammer phone number search?

RealPeopleSearch’s convenient interface makes it easy to find spam calls on any device. Additionally, we will tell you how to do a free scammer phone number search, and the steps are given below:

Step 1: Go to RealPeopleSearch Phone Finder

In the first step, you need to access the official RealPeopleSearch website from your browser. You have to enter the cell phone number of the target in the field that appears after clicking on “Find phone”. Now start the search by pressing “Start search”.

Step 2: Separate the main details

The app will show you some matching profiles; you must separate the results and click on “Access Report” to get all the details.

Step 3: Download the report and browse it

Before selecting “View my report”, you must complete the payment procedures. You can then access the report and identify the spam caller.

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2.2 NumLooker

These days, social media accounts are the most convenient way to find someone. NumLooker
provides lookup number services to its users through which they can observe the activities of the targeted person on social media profiles using their phone number. You can also closely monitor their accounts, for what purpose they are using the account in question.

In addition to several services, NumLooker provides you with the most authentic results for your search. You can say that the information provided by NumLooker can in no way be incorrect as the app collects information from billions of websites. This way you can find the correct information within minutes.

2.3 Instant checkmate and checkmate

We are all aware that the danger in our environment is increasing day by day. You never know who to trust or who to keep a distance from. Instant checkmate allows us to easily find the criminal record of a suspicious person around us by putting their phone number in the search field of the application.

The same goes for the safety of our family members. We shouldn’t let our family members get too close to anyone without check their background. Even if it’s a new neighbor or a new friend, you can use Instant Checkmate to look up numbers and check every detail. This way you can make sure that you are in a safe neighborhood with neighbors with no criminal history.

2.4 Seeker of truth

Sometimes unwanted callers disturb you because of the missed calls and you want to check the information of the owner who owns the cell phone number. You are just required to visit the TruthFinder app
and use their scam number lookup service to find the owner’s name and location. In such a distance, you may find out that you know this person or that it is just a spam caller.

2.5 People search Free

Free scammer phone number finder services are normally offered to users of all backgrounds and ages. SearchPeopleFree is a safe and easy to use app that makes it best to use for everyone on any device. So you can look up people’s personal or social profiles effortlessly.

2.6 PeopleFinderFree

People prefer the easiest way in this tech world. The same goes for the application interface; if things are understandable and simple enough, then everyone prefers to use it. PeopleFinderFree allows you to easily identify phone numbers without registering on the app first.

2.7 FastPeopleSearch

There are times when we forget people’s names or other information, but surprisingly we end up with an unknown phone number in our contacts. FastPeopleSearch
allows us to use its fraudulent phone number tracing service to find people even if we cannot remember their names.

Part 3: 3 Free Ways to Find Scammer Phone Number

Besides the apps that provide free scammer phone number finder services, we will introduce you to other ways that can be used for spam call tracing. The 3 ways to do this are described below:

3.1 Start with social media

There is no doubt that it is annoying when a spam caller irritates you by sending anonymous messages, phone calls or sometimes missed calls. All over the world, people are using social media accounts, making it easy to identify phone numbers and identify the owner. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make it easy for you to find someone in this big world.

3.2 Google search

Google is a great people search engine that allows us to find someone by simply entering the keyword in the required field. All you need to do is enter a phone number in quotes and search for it. If a public record type is available for that number, then you will be able to see the details provided of the owner of the phone number.

3.3 Using public information

Using public information to find crook phone numbers means looking for records created by government agencies. You need to search for the name of the state or country, then some public registers that include information such as birth, marriage or death. In addition, these vital registers are provided by the CDC (Disease Control and Prevention) centers.

Part 4: How to Identify and Avoid Phone Scams?

Due to the increase in fraudulent calls, we now often assume that the call is a fraudulent call or not. However, you need to be sure of the warning signs of a fraudulent call. These signs can be:

  • In this time of pandemic, scammers are using this situation and trying to communicate with you by discussing preventions against the coronavirus. If you answer such a call, you need to be extra careful and avoid giving them information.
  • Some phishing emails ask you to update your account, and that’s perfectly normal for you. If you update your account accordingly, you may lose your personal information or your account security details.
  • An automated call that begins with a pre-recorded message is a method commonly used by unwanted callers. In such a situation, you have to hang up.

The bottom line

The above article has provided a detailed discussion of scammers phone number finder services and the best apps that provide these services. You have to enter a phone number and get all the information related to the fraudulent caller within minutes.

Also, we have discussed other platforms that provide you with spam phone number tracing services using public records. If you want to get information using a number, you must use the services described in this article.

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